Ashley Pople


Hi there!

I am an economist working on climate, cash transfers and labour markets. I currently work in the World Bank's Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Unit for the South Asia Region as a Young Professional. I previously led a research agenda on anticipatory action for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York and consulted for the Centre for Disaster Protection.

I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Oxford in 2022. I remain affiliated with the University of Oxford's Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) and the Mind & Behaviour Research Group.

Working papers

(With Ruth Hill, Stefan Dercon and Ben Brunckhorst)

AEA trial registry

(With Nava Ashraf, Gharad Bryan, Alexia Delfino, Emily Holmes and Leonardo Iacovone)

Updated working paper coming soon! | AEA trial registry

Grants: J-PAL Post-Primary Education ($181,366); J-PAL Jobs and Opportunity ($47,811); IPA Peace and Recovery ($128,970); LSE IGA-Rockefeller Research and Impact Fund (£71,436)

(With Alex Copestake, Katherine Stapleton and Max Marczinek)

Working paper| Blog post

Work in progress

(With Thomas Bossuroy, Stéphanie Brunelin, Stefan Dercon, Patrick Premand and Margaux Vinez)

AEA trial registry | World Bank blog post

(With Stefan Dercon, Rohini Kamal and Rocco Zizzamia)

Grants: J-PAL King Climate Action Initiative ($250,000)

(With Stefan Dercon, Sébastien Desbureaux and Gracieux Mutaka Shashi)

About this project | AEA trial registry

Grants: John Fell Fund (£38,000)

(With Gharad Bryan, Alexia Delfino and Christian Meyer)

(With Eduard Krkoska, Christian Meyer and Krittika Ray)

About this project

Grants: J-PAL Jobs and Opportunity Initiative ($48,589); IPA Women’s Work, Entrepreneurship and Skilling (WWES) ($52,370); PEDL Exploratory Research Grant (£28,440)

(With Narayan Das, Stefan Dercon, Imran Matin, Munshi Sulaiman and Rocco Zizzamia)

Policy pieces

"Anticipatory Action: Lessons for the Future" - Frontiers in Climate, December 2022


2016-2021:  Microeconomics, MSc in Economics for Development, Oxford

2017: Development Economics Seminar Leader; Exeter Summer School, Oxford

2016: English teacher, TEACH Caribbean NGO, Jamaica

2014: Head Tutor, Advanced Micro & Macro, University of Cape Town

2012 & 2014: Tutor, Micro & Macro, University of Cape Town