Ashley Pople


Hi there!

I am an economist working on climate, cash transfers and labour markets. I currently work in the World Bank's Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Unit for the South Asia Region as a Young Professional. I previously led a research agenda on anticipatory action for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York and consulted for the Centre for Disaster Protection.

I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Oxford in 2022. I remain affiliated with the University of Oxford's Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) and the Mind & Behaviour Research Group.

Working papers

(With Ruth Hill, Stefan Dercon and Ben Brunckhorst)

Working paper | New York Times Article | Vox Article | VoxDev Podcast | CSAE Podcast

ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Award

*Previously titled "Anticipatory cash transfers in climate disaster response"

(With Nava Ashraf, Gharad Bryan, Alexia Delfino, Emily Holmes and Leonardo Iacovone)

Updated working paper coming soon! | AEA trial registry

Grants: J-PAL Post-Primary Education ($181,366); J-PAL Jobs and Opportunity ($47,811); IPA Peace and Recovery ($128,970); LSE IGA-Rockefeller Research and Impact Fund (£71,436)

(With Alex Copestake, Katherine Stapleton and Max Marczinek)

Working paper | Blog post

Work in progress

(With Thomas Bossuroy, Stéphanie Brunelin, Stefan Dercon, Patrick Premand and Margaux Vinez)

AEA trial registry | World Bank blog post

(With Stefan Dercon, Rohini Kamal and Rocco Zizzamia)

Grants: J-PAL King Climate Action Initiative ($250,000)

(With Stefan Dercon, Sébastien Desbureaux and Gracieux Mutaka Shashi)

About this project | AEA trial registry

Grants: John Fell Fund (£38,000)

(With Gharad Bryan, Alexia Delfino and Christian Meyer)

(With Eduard Krkoska, Christian Meyer and Krittika Ray)

About this project

Grants: J-PAL Jobs and Opportunity Initiative ($48,589); IPA Women’s Work, Entrepreneurship and Skilling (WWES) ($52,370); PEDL Exploratory Research Grant (£28,440)

(With Narayan Das, Stefan Dercon, Imran Matin, Munshi Sulaiman and Rocco Zizzamia)

Policy pieces

"Anticipatory Action: Lessons for the Future" - Frontiers in Climate, December 2022


2016-2021:  Microeconomics, MSc in Economics for Development, Oxford

2017: Development Economics Seminar Leader; Exeter Summer School, Oxford

2016: English teacher, TEACH Caribbean NGO, Jamaica

2014: Head Tutor, Advanced Micro & Macro, University of Cape Town

2012 & 2014: Tutor, Micro & Macro, University of Cape Town